proud michigan hydroponic supplier since 1999 Since 1999, Horizen Hydroponics helps you capture Zen and Tranquility through Gardening. Horizen Hydroponics offers complete hydroponic systems, the perfect blend of science and nature for your garden. Horizen Hydroponics offers indoor growroom equipment, hydroponic parts and indoor/outdoor organic products for faster, cleaner and healthier plant growth.

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Horizen Hydroponics stocks a wide selection of hydroponic growing systems, hydroponic gardening equipment, hydroponics supplies, plant grow lights, organic composts fertilizers and indoor gardening equipment. Hydroponic indoor gardening is a fun, clean, and safe hobby for the whole family. Horizon Hydroponics will outfit your hydroponic garden with the best plant grow lights using a electronic digital ballast, making a homemade hydroponic system a professional one with the addition of fans, CO2 generators, grow room equipment, organic fertilizers, plant nutrients, fertilizer supplements, plant hormones, aeroponic propagation machine, ozone generator, timer, atmosphere controller, pH & EC tester, rockwool or growing medium for indoor gardening, hydroponic gardening and flower gardening perfection.

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