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AC & Cooling

Sometimes normal ventilation options simply won't allow you to keep the temperature of your growing environment under control, portable localized air conditioning is the way to go! Air conditioning will keep plants cool as well as helping remove humidity from your hydroponic system when needed. We offer several air conditioners for use with within your hydroponic garden. Many of our air conditioners are specially rated to work within the demanding environments of grow rooms, providing stability for both your hydroponic garden, but also your hydroponic system. Keeping temperature cool and constant is a sure way to extend the life of your growing lights, as well as your pumps, or reservoirs. Full Environmental Controls are available to you, but managing both the temperature as well as the humidity in the air are necessary in order for your plants to reap the rewards. In order to ensure the longevity of your hydroponic system, you must consider an air conditioner or some kind of ventilation for your plant filled indoor garden.
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