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Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic systems are great tools for growing fantastic plants. Hydroponic growing systems produce clean, healthier flowers, fruits and vegetables. Healthy vegetables are grown using hydroponic equipment. Choose a hydroponic system based upon the plant you want to grow. Nutrient Flow Technique hydroponic systems work great for lettuce and salad greens, where drip irrigation, ebb and flow or deep water culture hydroponic growing systems work well for larger plants like tomatoes or peppers.

Hydroponic systems are great for teaching children many aspects of science. Hydroponics can be used to teach, life science (biology), multiple levels of math, English, and chemistry just to name a few subjects. Learn more on our hydroponics in education page.

Hydroponics systems in the home show children the ease of gardening and rewarding life long skills. In the home, in the greenhouse or home there is a hydroponic system for you. Choose the type of hydroponic system to fit your garden: aeroponic, ebb and flow, Nutrient Flow Technique (NFT), deep water culture, drip irrigation, passive or rotating. Shop the many hydroponic system options below or learn more about Hydroponics.

Using the CAP Ebb and Gro is an easy way to use ebb and flow watering techniques for large plants indoors. Grow magnificent tomatoes all year indoors using the CAP Ebb and Grow.
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