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Grow Lights

Plant grow lights for hydroponic systems come in many shapes and sizes. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting produces the excellent usable light for indoor gardening. High intensity plant grow bulbs come in a variety of color spectrum's. Generally blue spectrum light is used for vegetative growth for flowering plants and none flowering plants. Plant grow bulbs that produce a blue spectrum are Metal Halide with a 6K temperature. High pressure sodium bulbs produce a red spectrum light with a temperature of 3K used for flowering plants. Hydroponic lights come in different varieties based upon growing needs for your plant.

Fluorescent lighting runs cooler than HID which allows the plant grow bulb to be very close to the plants. However, Fluorescent plant grow lights do not have enough intensity to light beyond 12 to 18 inches. Fluorescent grow lights are available with a vegetative or flowering spectrum.

To read more on how to size your grow light for your application, read our Plant Grow Light FAQ page. If you are interesting in knowing how much light your plants are getting consider a light meter. Our build a grow light offers many option based upon your space available and your budget. When considering a plant lamp, look at all the stages in your plants growth to find the solution that will lead to increased yields and healthy plants. You can also build your own plant lamp.
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